LM2576HV DC-DC Понижаващ високо волтoв

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Референция: BD160420-4

Вход: 5V-60V (препоръчително под 50V)

Изход: 1.25V-26V

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1. Input voltage range: 5V-60V (rated Suggestions below 50V reliable) 
2. Output voltage range: 1.25V-26V 
3. Output current: 3A(MAX)-need to add heat sink 
4. Continuous working current: 1.2A (total power output within 20W) 
5. Conversion efficiency: Up to 92% (output voltage higher, the higher the efficiency) 
6. Switching Frequency: 150KHz 
7. Rectifier: Non-Synchronous Rectification 
8. Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down module (buck) 
9. Short circuit protection: current limiting, since the recovery 
10.Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40° to +85°) (output power 10W or less) 
11.Full load temperature rise: 40° 
12.Load regulation: ±0.5% 
13.Voltage regulation: ±0.5% 
14.Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS 
15.Mode of connection:welding 


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