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Advanced boat monitoring system designed to deliver near real-time data.

Every device submits its data to Boat-Vitals tech centre. Customers can monitor the current values using any web enabled device. All data is displayed in charts for the day and history for up to two month. Map of boat locations and anchor monitoring is also available.

Once connected to the system it will work in every place with mobile signal or wifi or LoRa (

The cost is small initial charge for the device hardware with prepaid 5 year traffic and low cost yearly server access subscription.

Feel safe with the new advanced version which has built-in GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile internet, voltmeters, wave size and magnitude of movement , bilge water , temperature, humidity etc.

With the new advanced module you can benefit from all types of connectivity available around and deliver the measurements to the server, including boat's exact geo position on a internet enable device or on your mobile phone over Bluetooth.

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