GY-2561 TSL2561 Light Sensor Breakout Infrared Light Sensor Module Integrating Sensor

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Reference: BD220420-6
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The TSL2561 is an optical-to-digital converter that converts light intensity into a digital signal output with a direct I2C connection or SMBus interface. Each device is connected to a bandwidth photodiode and an infrared responsive photodiode on a separate CMOS integrated circuit that has the ability to provide a near-optical response of a 20-bit dynamic range. Two integrated ADCs convert the photocurrent into a digital output that represents the measurement of the illumination of each channel. This digital output can be the input of a microprocessor.

The TSL2561 is a high-speed, low-power, wide-range, programmable and flexible configuration of light intensity digital conversion chips. The chip can be widely used in the monitoring of various types of displays, in order to make the display provide the best display brightness and reduce the power consumption of the power supply under variable lighting conditions. It can also be used for street lighting control and security lighting. Many occasions. The main features of the chip are as follows:

1. The upper and lower thresholds of the light intensity of the programmable configuration permit, and an interrupt signal is given when the actual illuminance exceeds the threshold;

2. Digital output conforms to the standard SMBus (TSL2560) and I2C (TSL2561) bus protocols;

3. Analog gain and digital output time programmable control;

4. In low power mode, the power consumption is only 0.75 mW

5. Automatically suppress light fluctuations of 50 Hz/60 Hz.


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