MAX6675 K-type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor -200~1300C Range SPI Module 4Pins Wire 5V

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Reference: BD220420-1


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The MAX6675 performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from a type-K thermocouple. The data is output in a 12-bit resolution, SPI™-compatible,read-only format. MAX6675 converter resolves temperatures to 0.25°C, allows readings as high as +1024°C, and exhibits thermocouple accuracy of 8 LSBs for temperatures ranging from 0°C to +700°C.



  • Working voltage: DC5V
  • Operating Current: 50mA
  • Temperature measuring range: -200°C to 1300 °C [Test procedure for 0-1023 °C]
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1.5 °C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.25 °C
  • The output mode: SPI digital signal
  • with a fixed mounting holes for easy fixed installation.
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 150 °C
  • Module weight: 4g approximately
  • Module size: 25mm * 15mm * 13mm

Module Connections

When hooking up a thermocouple, the red lead of the thermocouple typically attaches to the ‘+’ terminal on the module.  If the reading goes down when temperature increases, then the leads should be reversed.

1 x 5 Header

  • GND =  Connect to system ground.  This ground needs to be in common with the MCU.
  • VCC =   Connect to 3.0 – 5.5V.  Typically connected to MCU operating power.
  • SCK =   Serial Clock Input.  Connect to any digital pin on MCU.
  • CS =      Chip Select.  Connect to any digital pin on MCU.
  • SO  =     Serial Data Output.  Connect to any digital pin on MCU.

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