raindrops sensor

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Reference: BD010101


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The module is a complete rain sensor complete with controller. The kit includes:
- The controller
- The sensor
- A connecting cable
The controller module signals, by means of a discrete TTL interface, the presence of rain. In addition, a led on board the controller turns on when the trip threshold is exceeded. The threshold can be changed by acting on a potentiometer on the ignition.
The sensor has a fairly large exposure area to avoid false alarms. The sensor is capacitive and therefore the presence of rain drops will alter its capacity. The structure of the PCB (comb) allows for small spacing to make the two electrodes without however requiring large dimensions
5V supply voltage

Technical specifications:
- Led on the controller, indicating rainfall
- Adaptation of sensitivity by acting on the potentiometer
- Digital output
- Analog output
- Power supply voltage 5V
- 3x16mm controller size
- Sensor size 54x40 mm


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